The clinic is permanently employes 25 employees, of which four permanent staff of medical specialists:

– Prim.dr. Suad Fazlagić – spec. orthopedist
– Prim.dr. Hašmeta Međić-Bučo – spec. gynecologist
– Prim.dr. Damir Binakaj – spec. anesthesiologist
– Prim.dr. Sead Rožajac – spec. anesthesiologist

We have excellent cooperation with a number of hospitals and clinics, some of which we will mention a hospital in Slavonski Brod in Croatia, and Clinical Center in Tuzla.

Our goal is continuous education of our staff, so we want to make good contacts with all the reference clinics and hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the world.

We want to share and acquire new knowledge in medical science and practice and use them to treat our patients.