ealth facility Policlinic with daily hospital Medicus is located in Jelah, Tešanj Municipality, in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 1994., titled “Privatna ljekarska ordinacija”, and called “Zdravstvena ustanova Poliklinika MEDICUS” appears since 1998.


In 2000, it moves to its own modern building designated to perform medical services.


Polyclinic “MEDICUS” was founded with the intention to unite the expertise and clinical experience in one place, and to provide the best healthcare services for our patients, by using modern equipment.


Medicus, a modern architectural structure, built in accordance with the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO) with modern exterior and functional interior content.


On an area of approximately 1400 m2, there are several clinics, medical laboratories, rooms for intervention, intensive care, operating room for emergency and minor surgeries, two modern operating rooms, a room for the pre and post operative treatment, five modern hospital suites, guest apartment, an internal restaurant and other accompanying space.


The clinic has since 1998. registered over 50,000 patients. It treats more than 3,500 patients with health insurance.


Polyclinic with its own computer program for medical records, treatment and monitoring of patients with all the data according to the standards that apply to the Federation of Bosnia nad Herzegovina.


Polyclinic “MEDICUS” is the first private medical institution in Bosnia nad Herzegovina with the tradition of the operative, with the most experience in the work of One Day Surgery, and a minimally invasive treatment approach.


The basic principles of our clinic are:

  • good human relations
  • all examinations in one place
  • best medical equipment
  • multidisciplinary approach to the patient


High-quality and professional health services of our clinic is based on:

  • Excellent staff
  • Modern equipment
  • Continuous improvement of people’s health through education of citizens in offices, through forums, magazines, brochures, electronic media, etc.
  • Prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases
  • Training medical and non-medical staff
  • Continuous monitoring of world trends in diagnosis and treatment
  • Fostering cooperation with other relevant medical centers in the country and abroad
  • Respect for universal human rights and freedoms